"Maida Hill Neighbourhood Forum is for residents, workers and businesses in the Harrow Road Ward.


Our forum was launched in April 2016 at a public meeting, and we had our first AGM on October 15th 2016.  

Neighbourhood Forums are formed by the community, to create a Neighbourhood Plan that will shape development for their area.

Our Neighbourhood

There are more than 12,000 people living in Maida Hill (Harrow Road Ward).  We have an ethnically diverse population and a broad socio-economic mix with a strong sense of local community. Local people work hard to create a friendly and flourishing space and are committed to developing the area into a thriving and positive, healthy and happy community.

We already have a strong and active network of community groups including North Paddington Society, WECH, Timebank, Flamboyan, Maida Hill Gardening Action Group, numerous active Residents Associations, and strong links with local Housing Associations. 

As a Forum we will be developing an environmentally and socially conscious Neighbourhood Plan for the benefit of everyone.

A Neighbourhood Forum aims to achieve this by:

  • Encouraging as many locals to participate as possible.
  • Preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan that proposes how the local land should be used, taking into account different concerns of people who live or work here.
  • Providing a forum to discuss local issues such as transport, planning, streets, health, local businesses, open spaces and general environment.
  • Supporting projects that are of benefit to the area.

    A Neighbourhood Forum requires at least 21 members but there can be hundreds and indeed everyone living or working in the Harrow Road Ward can become a member. Twice a year we have a public meeting to update people, and consult about the Neighbourhood Plan.

We have formed working groups of local people, please do join us:

  1. Development, Housing, Planning
  2. Shops, Market & Workspaces
  3. Community, Facilities & Events
  4. Public Spaces, Traffic & Transport
  5. Communications: Website, Twitter, Newsletters

You don't need to have any experience just a wish to try and improve our area.  If you'd like to join any of the groups please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(updated Nov 2016)



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