William Hill (Harrow Rd) Licence review - please write in..

Westminster Council is currently reviewing the gambling license of William Hill (357 Harrow Road, W9 3NA). This has been prompted by information that was presented by the community in the Betfred-process. 

 We would like to ask the local community to support the Council in the efforts to make William Hill comply with licensing regulations, and make Harrow Road a safer place to live and work. The council has the option to either revoke William Hill's license or to apply significantly more stringent conditions upon their license.

 If you have any evidence, photos, or written statements to provide, please email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go submit a comment online:

 The deadline to submit materials is 16 August, 2015. 

 Any of the following behaviour would indicate that William Hill has breached conditions attached to the licence: 

  • Permitting alcohol onto the premises. 
  • The premises are associated with crime and disorder. 
  • The premises are used by persons who are drunk, under the influence of alcohol or on drugs. 
  • Drug dealing has taken place on the premises
  • The sale of stolen goods have taken place on the premises.
  • Groups of people under the influence of drugs or alcohol frequently congregate outside the premises, and abuse and threaten other members of the public and local residents. 
  • There is a risk that vulnerable persons may be harmed by using the premises for gambling due to their impared judgement through alcohol or drugs. 
  • Not taking action on problems that have been brought to the attention of the licence-holder. 

 A letter to the licensing department could look like the sample letter below. If you have witnessed any specific incident(s) of street drinking, disorderly behaviour, abuse to passers-by, etc, please feel free to describe it/them in as much detail as you’d like. The licensing department also welcomes any photos or videos to be submitted with the representation. Please note that “premises” also include the forecourt, so street-drinking outside the shop is considered to be drinking on the premises.

Sample Letter:

As a resident of Harrow Road, I see groups of people gathering outside William Hill (357 Harrow Road, W9 3NA) every day. They are frequently drinking and causing disorder, and intimidate passers-by. Anti-social behaviour is common outside the premises, and more often than not the patrons are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. 

I have witnessed this on a regular basis during the years I've lived in the area, and as far as I can tell, there have been no signs of anything being done by William Hill to improve the situation. The failure of William Hill to comply with licensing regulations puts residents of the area, including the many vulnerable people in the neighbourhood under significant risk, and it also encourages problem gambling. 

I would like this letter to be considered as support for the Licensing Department’s review 15/05830/LIREVG. 

Kind regards,